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Eastern Treasures of Curacao Tour

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This tour will make you feel for a while like your in Africa, enjoying the natural and historic sights of Curacao, its the best choice for family fun.

This adventure start with a drive to the ostrich farm where we are going to take a safari tour, here we will meet, feed ostriches, learn all about those magnificent birds and experience a feeling of being in South Africa.

Our customers also will have time to visit the museum and souvenir store, this is also a kid’s friendly tour , the farm has several exotic animals and a playground.

The next stop is the Aloe plantation and factory, here visitors will learn about all the benefits of this plant and at the same time to visit aloe fields and time to buy natural products at the Curaloe store.

Our last stop will be a trip to the beach and there we are going to hike to the Beekenburg fort, this is one of the most beautiful and breathless spots of east Curacao at the same time the tour guide will be telling history and discovering of the island. 

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